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Process a Purchase Credit Memo


There are times where a purchase credit memo may need to be processed in GoldFinch.  If there are items that are being returned to the vendor, you will generate the Purchase Credit Memo through the Purchase Return process.  If you will be creating a purchase credit memo for a service, you will skip the purchase return process and simply create Purchase Credit Memo.

Create a New Credit Memo

  1. Enter the Vendor's Information

  2. Put a check in the Credit Memo field

  3. Enter the Line Information

    1. Quantity will default to -1 indicating a credit amount will be posted.  

    2. Line Amount will calculate showing a negative amount.

  4. When complete, select Save

If you do not want to calculate the Payment Discount for the Credit Memo, zero out the Payment Discount % field either manually, or using a flow.

Post the Credit Memo

  • Enter the Vendor's Credit Memo number 

  • Enter the Posting Date for the credit memo 

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