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Printing a Work Order Pick Ticket


Depending on the way your production floor is set up, you may need to use a Work Order pick ticket to inform the staff what to pull for each work order. This would take place after the Production Input Bin has been replenished.

Read  Replenishing Production Input Bin for how to replenish teh Production Input bin.

If Raw Materials are placed in an area where the staff takes the product as needed, you may need to follow the standard warehouse picking process. Read Create Picks from a Work Order for more details.

Printing Options

There are two options for how this report is printed for each output item: 

  1. Single Batch 

  2. Work Order 

You can control how the report prints from the Single Batch Printing field on the Parent Item page. Checking this box will print the report as one single batch; otherwise, the quantities for the entire Work Order will print.  


From the Work Order, click the Print WO Pick Button. You will see the required Pick Qty. and On Hand Qty. in the warehouse.

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