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Print Check from Vendor Payment


After you create Vendor Payment and apply it to open Purchase Invoices, you can print a check for it if the Payment Method field is Check.

Print Checks Steps

Before you print, confirm that the Last Check No. field is populated on the Bank Account page.

On the Vendor Payment, click the Print Check button to print a check.

Confirm the Starting Check No. of the checks that you placed in the printer. This field defaults to the Last Check No. field populated on the Bank Account page, plus 1.

Then click Print Check.

GoldFinch will check the following conditions before printing the check:

  • The Vendor Payment is not posted yet.

  • Payment Method is Computer Check.

  • Check Number is not used in other Vendor Payments from the same Bank Account.

  • The Check Printed field is not checked.

  • After the check is printed, the Check Printed field will be checked on the Vendor Payment.

If you want to test print a check, without using a check stock, check Test Print on Blank Paper. Ignore Starting Check No. in the Printer.

GoldFinch will print the first 10 voucher payments on the check. If you have more than 10 voucher payments, you can click Print Remittance to print a complete remittance page for the check.

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