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Preparing for Implementation

Setting up for a successful implementation

Whether you are implementing GoldFinch on your own or with a GoldFinch Implementer to guide you, there are some tried and true steps you can take to help ensure you have a successful implementation.

You must assign a dedicated Project Lead who will work directly with your GoldFinch Implementer and/or your staff throughout the project. This person should understand your business and will be expected to take a very active, hands-on role in the project. The Project Lead will be expected to coordinate the activities of other team members. For smaller companies with less complex implementations, the Project Lead may also be assigned the role of Super User (see below for further explanation).

Depending on the size of your company and the complexity of your implementation, you may also want to consider:

  • A Steering Committee or Executive Sponsor to guide the project (typically key finance, IT, and/or other executives as appropriate). The steering committee/executive sponsor guides the project and resolves key issues and roadblocks. They are also typically the champions of the project, rallying your company and preparing users for the change.

  • At least one Super User in addition to a Project Lead. The Super Users help implement the solution. They will work on system testing, training, and documentation. They also are often tapped to play a change management and communication role during the project.

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