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Pre-Build a Sales Order


For times when you have a portion of the items on a Sales Order available to ship but not the complete order, and you don't want to partially ship an order, you can Pre-Build a sales order then when the remaining items are available to ship, you can update the shipment and pack those items.

You must enable Whse. Pick for the Pre-Build a Sales Order function to work properly.

Create a Sales Order

Create a Sales Order in the normal fashion and save the order to allocate the available inventory.

In the example below, a sales order has been created for item 5001 for the quantity of 50.  There are only 40 in stock and only 40 have been allocated to this order.

Create a Warehouse Shipment

Create a Shipment for the allocated inventory

Create a Pick Ticket

Create and Post the Pick Ticket for the Allocated inventory

Allocate Remaining Inventory

Once the remaining inventory on the Sales Order has been produced or has been received, Edit the Sales Order and Save to allocate the remaining inventory.

The Related Item Allocations on the Sales Order will display the total number of allocated inventory including the amount that has already been picked.

Update Warehouse Shipment

After the remaining inventory has been allocated, Update the Shipment from the Sales Order.

The Warehouse Shipment will be updated with the total quantity allocated, including the quantity that has already been picked.

Create an Additional Pick Ticket

Create and Post an additional Pick Ticket from the Warehouse Shipment for the remaining quantity.

Post the Warehouse Shipment

Now that all the items on the Sales Order have been picked, you can post the Warehouse Shipment for the full amount of the items ordered.

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