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Planning Parameters

Default Parameters

Planning Parameters on Items are used as the default parameters when creating Stockkeeping Units (SKU) using the Create Item SKUs function.

Item Field Name

SKU Field Name

Field Help

Purchase Unit of Measure

Purchase Unit of Measure

Preferred Purchase Unit of Measure. Required.

Reorder Cycle Days

Reorder Cycle Days

Optional. You can leave it blank.

Safety Stock

Locked Safety Stock

User-defined Safety Stock level. (This field is the same as Reorder Point)  The minimum inventory on hand requirement.

Optional. You can leave it blank.

Reorder Policy

Reorder Policy

Must be Fixed Reorder Qty.

Reorder Qty.

Locked Reorder Qty.

User-defined Reorder Qty.  The minimum order quantity for replenishment. 

Optional. You can leave it blank.

Lead Time Days

Locked Lead Time Days

User-defined Lead Time Days. It is used when generating supply orders.

  • Purchase Order - Expected Receipt Date = Plan Date, Order Date = Plan Date - Lead Time

  • Work Order - Ending Date = Plan Date, Starting Date = Plan Date - Lead Time

  • Transfer Order - Order Date = Plan Date - Lead Time, Shipment Date = Plan Date - Lead Time, Expected Receipt Date =Plan Date

  • Optional. You can leave it blank.

Replenishment System

Replenishment System

  • Replenishment System must be Purchase, Work Order, or Transfer Order for the SKU to be included in the supply planning.

  • If the Replenishment System is blank, the SKU will not be included in MRP calculation.

Preferred Vendor

Preferred Vendor

Preferred Buy-from Vendor. Optional. If you leave it blank, you must populate this on Supply Plan before you can create Purchase Orders

Purchasing Agent

Purchasing Agent


Order Multiples

The Order Multiple is an integer that defines the Quantity to which an order is rounded up. Ex: With an Order Multiple of 5, an order of 17 would be rounded up to 20.


Maximum Qty.

When calculating Supply Plan or when creating Requisition Lines from Sales Order, GoldFinch will break down the suggested Quantity by Maximum Qty.

Use Calculated Parameters

Should be unchecked to use the locked parameters. Review this page carefully before you check this field.

Supply Plan Daily Calculations Routine

Only the Planning Parameters on the Stockkeeping Units (instead of Item) are used when running the Calculated Supply Plan function. 

Mass Update Planning Parameters

To mass update planning parameters, follow these steps:

  • Export SKU records using Report GF1007 SKU Planning Parameters.

  • Update parameters in Excel.

  • Remove all blank header and footer rows.

  • Save the file as CSV.

  • Navigate to the Stockkeeping Units tab.

  • Use the out-of-box Import Wizard to import updated values.

Phantom Items

To calculate the supply of components of Phantom Items, you must manually create a Stockkeeping Unit for the Phantom Items with the following parameters:

  • Warehouse = Planning Warehouse

  • Replenishment System = Work Order

Additional SKU Field Help

Read Stockkeeping Unit for Field Help.

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