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Over Receive a Purchase Quantity


There are times when a purchase order is placed and the vendor may over ship an item quantity.  If this over receipt is within an acceptable range, GoldFinch will allow processing of the over receipt.

Item Setup with PO Qty Tolerance %

If an item is permitted to be over-received from a vendor, the Item must be set up with a PO Qty. Tolerance %.  This field will be used, in conjunction with the purchase order quantity ordered, to calculate the total allowed receipt of goods. For this demo purpose, a PO Qty. Tolerance % of 5% will be used.

Process an Over Receipt

When a Purchase Order is placed for an item with a PO Qty. Tolerance % defined, the Qty. with Tolerance is automatically calculated on each purchase line defining the total amount possible to be received.

For this demo purpose, Item 7000 has been entered on a PO for a quantity of 100.  To view the field, click on the Purchase Lines.

The Qty. with Tolerance is automatically calculated by adding the 5% tolerance from the Item setup with the quantity ordered. 

Create the Warehouse Receipt by clicking on Create Receipt.

Edit the Warehouse Receipt and enter the total Quantity received up to the Qty. With Tolerance. Click on Save. (For this demo purpose, the Qty. With Tolerance is 105)

Enter the Lot No. if it is required with the updated Quantity. Click on Save.

Post the Warehouse Receipt.

The Purchase Lines will show the original Quantity ordered and the actual Received Qty.

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