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Outside Service Process Using Supply Plan


When you are using the Supply Plan functionality and creating work orders that require an outside service, GoldFinch has the ability to automatically create the outside service Purchase Orders required.  This feature will allow you to save time when processing work orders in regards to outside service orders.  Instead of manually creating the requisition worksheet lines and creating the purchase orders for existing work orders, this process will create the purchase orders required at the same time the work order is being created.    


Outside Service Item

The Outside Service Items and Item Routings will need to be configured according to the Process Outside Services document.

Item and SKU 

The Item and SKU setup will need to be completed as outlined in the Calculate Supply Plans document.

Calculate Supply Plan

When running the Calculate Supply Plans function, if the output item for a Work Order has an outside service defined on the routing line, the Outside Service Item will be defined and the Outside Service WO field will be checked on the Supply Plan line for the work order.

If there are multiple Routing Versions for the output item, GoldFinch will use the Outside Service Item for the Default routing version.   

Create Orders

When selecting Create Orders on the Supply Plan for Work Order lines with an Outside Service, GoldFinch will create work orders first, then the purchase orders will be created for the outside service.  If there are multiple supply plan lines with an outside service, purchase orders will be created by grouping any supply plan lines with the same Vendor and Due Date onto the same purchase order. 

Purchase Order

When printing the purchase order, the work order and finished good item is added to the Description field on the PO.  

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