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Multiple Open Whse Receipts for One Purchase Order


You can create multiple open Whse Receipts against one Purchase Order to schedule and trace incoming shipments from your vendor.

Creating and Updating Whse Receipts

Create a Whse Receipt from a Purchase Order as usual. Then, on the Whse Receipt page:

  1. Click the Edit button on the Whse Receipt to delete lines or change quantities.

  2. You can highlight multiple Whse Receipt Lines

  3. Then you can mass delete them from the Whse Receipt.


Creating Additional Whse Receipts

To create an additional Whse Receipt, navigate back to the Purchase Order, and click the Create Receipt button. GoldFinch will copy Purchase Lines with Quantities that are not currently on other Whse Receipts to the new Whse Receipt.

Adding Items to Open Whse Receipts

If you add more items or increase quantities to the Purchase Order, you can click the Add Items button on one of the Whse Receipts to update.


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