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Use the Warehouse Movement process to move inventory items from one bin to another within the same warehouse.

Create a New Whse. Activity

Open the App Launcher. Search for Whse Activities.

Click on New.

Select Movement for the Record Type and click Next.

Fill in the following fields:

  1. Enter the Posting Date of the movement

  2. Enter the Warehouse the movement will take place in.

  3. Click on Add Lines and enter the Item to move.

  4. Enter the From Bin.  Select from a list of existing Bin Content entries to determine the Lot No and UOM to move.

  5. Enter the To Bin where the item will be moved to.

  6. Enter the Quantity to move.

  7. When complete, select Save.


Print the Movement Activity document

You may print the Movement Activity Document by clicking on Print Instructions.

PDF Document Example:


Post the Movement Activity

Click on Post to post the Warehouse Movement activity.

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