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Mass Update Purchase and Sales Units of Measure for Items

In order to mass update Units of Measure properly, there are a few essential steps that you need to complete in Excel to create the External IDs for Purchase UOM, Sales UOM, and Base UOM Record Id.

Creating an External ID

The Excel sheet should include the following basic columns:

  • Name

  • Base Unit of Measure

  • Purchase UOM

  • Sales UOM

Add another column called Purchase Unit of Measure. It is important to name the columns exactly as shown in order to make mapping data in Data Import Wizard easier.

Use the CONCAT() formula in Excel to combine the Name and Purchase UOM together, separated by a semi-colon. This created the Purchase Unit of Measure External Id.

Drag the bottom right corner of the green box down to replicate the formula for the entire column.

Delete Formula and Paste Values

It is not possible to import the CSV file into Data Import Wizard if the cells still have the formula attached to them.

To remove the formulas, first, highlight the column values, right-click what you highlighted, and click on Copy.

Next, click on Paste Values.

You may repeat the same steps to create Sales Unit of Measure and Base UOM Record Id. Remember to name the columns exactly as stated.

Save it as a CSV file.

Importing using Data Import Wizard

Open the App Launcher and search for Items. Click on Import.

Under Custom Objects, click on Items → Update existing records.

Ensure that the following fields are mapped correctly:

  • Match by → Name

  • Base UOM Record Id → External ID

Upload your CSV file and click Next.

Since the column names were labeled exactly as stated, the mapping should look like this. Base Unit of Measure, Purchase UOM, and Sales UOM can stay unmapped as they are not needed anymore. Click on Next.

Click on Start Import.

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