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Mass Enter Lots

Lot Tracked items require lot numbers for every transaction.

The standard way to enter lot numbers is to click the Edit button on each transaction line, enter the lot number, then click Save to close the window.  The process repeats for each line - this could be time-consuming when there are many transaction lines.

We added mass Enter Lots buttons to these pages:  Item Adjustment Journal, Production Journal, Whse. Shipment and Whse. Receipt.

Click the buttons to see all items that require Lot Tracking and enter lots for all items on one page.

Whse. Shipment page

Whse. Receipt page

Item Journal and Production Journal pages

On the mass Enter Lots page, when you enter the Quantity and press Tab, if the total Quantity entered is less than Quantity needed on the transaction line, the system will automatically insert an additional line for the remaining lots.

If you don't see the buttons, please ask your system administrator to add them for you by following this document.

How to Add a Custom Button to a Page Layout

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