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Manufacturing Implementation Tips

  1. Work Order management with Formulas and Routing can be complicated for many companies. Explore Kitting before committing to use the Work Order feature.

  2. Formula Version or Routing Version adds another layer of complexity for work order processing and planning. Enable this feature only if you are sure you need it for your business.

  3. Implement Process Outside Services to ensure accurate inventory costing if you use Co-Packers to make goods, and you supply part of the raw materials.

  4. You will require a minimum of 2 levels of Formulas and Work Orders if you have a batch item. Contact a GoldFinch consultant for optional Formula configuration and input/output bin configuration to minimize transactions.

  5. You can process and consume a Work Order output before the final inventory cost of raw materials is available. When the cost of raw materials is available, Daily Adjustment Routine automatically updates the inventory cost of output and also updates the cost of subsequent consumption and outbound COGS.

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