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Manage Add Rules


You can define unlimited Add Rules for the Bank Connect routines to add Bank GL Ledger Entries.


On the Bank Connect Overview page, click the Add Rules tab.

  1. Click New to create a new rule.

  2. If you wish to Edit, click one of the existing rules.

  1. Define the name of the new Rule.

  2. Select the Bank Account to which this rule applies.

  3. You may also click Select All Bank Connect Details to select all bank accounts.

  1. Apply this to transactions that are:

    1. Deposits: Add rule applied to Deposits only

    2. Payments: Add rule applied to Payments only

  2. Priority: This is for the rule processing priority

  3. Active: It must be checked to include the rule in the processing.

  4. and include the following:

    1. All: All conditions must be met before the actions are executed.

    2. Any: One of the conditions must be met before the actions are executed.

  5. Click Add a condition.

Select from one of the following fields:

Select one of the operators.

Then enter a parameter value.

Click Add a condition to add more conditions.

Then click Add action to define what you want to do with the Bank Transactions if conditions are met:

You can define actions for the following fields:

  • Account

  • GL Accounting

Suggest to Add or Automated Add

Typically, you would want the Bank Connect routines to suggest adding Bank GL Ledger Entries.

To review the added suggestions, go to Bank Transaction Processing. You can click on the Transaction and review the suggested fields on the Expanded Area. You can edit the pre-populate fields to click Add to create a Customer Receipt or Vendor Payment.

To add automatically, you can navigate to Company Setup, then click the “Default” record of Company Extended Setup. Then, check Enable Global Automatic Add.

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