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Lookup Page Configurations

By default, GoldFinch displays the first 100 records on the lookup page in order to avoid the Salesforce “exceeding page size error”. If there are more than 100 records in the object, you must Limit Results by filtering the selected fields on objects first.

The dynamic “type and search” using the column headers is only applied to the records displayed on the page. It does not apply to all records in the object.

You can add more columns or remove columns by configuring the related field set.

You can change the default to display more than 100 records by navigating to:

  1. Setup → Custom Settings → System Setting

  2. Add a new parameter: CustomLookupMaxRow with a larger value such as 200 or 300.

Keep in mind, the greater the value you enter and the more columns you choose to display, the greater the page size will be. At a certain point, you will get the “exceeding page size error.”

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