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Licensing & Organization Setup

Important Terminology

Before reading further, it is important to understand some basic Salesforce terminology. GoldFinch is built on the Salesforce platform and, once you start getting involved with Salesforce and GoldFinch, you will hear terms like:

  • Instance

  • Organization (“Org”)

  • Environment

These terms are often used interchangeably to describe your specific versions of GoldFinch and the data within them. Furthermore, users will have a separate login associated with each org.

Licensing & org creation

A GoldFinch Implementer will procure your GoldFinch licenses, create your Production org, and perform the initial set up such as entering your company's name, address, and importing your logo to get you started. Once that is done, a copy will be made and used to create a Sandbox org.

Production Org

This is the org that you will use for business transactions when you go live on GoldFinch. This is where your company’s live business transactions will take place and, therefore, is not where you would typically perform testing or training.

Sandbox Org

This is the “playground” org that you will you use during the Solution Design phase to enter your business data (e.g. customers, vendors, inventory items, etc.), test different configuration options, and train your users. After you go live on GoldFinch, you will continue to use the Sandbox org to train new users, run test scenarios, or test new functionality and customization before moving that functionality or customization to the Production org.

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