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Items With 0 Quantity But Large Dollar Amount

Why is the quantity 0 for the Item even though the Item has a large dollar amount?

When running the Inventory to GL Reconciliation report, you might see items with a quantity of 0, but have a dollar amount.

It is not unusual for some items to have a quantity of 0 but with an inventory amount of a few pennies due to the rounding.

One of the possible reasons is that you could have finished Work Orders after you changed Allowed Posting Date on the Company Setup.  The new Cost Entries are posted to the first date of the new month.

Follow the steps below to confirm:

  1. Filter on Cost Entry for the Item and/or Warehouse and confirm.

  2. Export to Excel. Look at any new entries in the new open month.

  3. Run a report to see the Inventory Value by Month for the Item and Warehouse.

  4. Drill down first to Cost Entry, then Item Ledger Entry, and then Inbound Entry to check.

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