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Item Routing

Field Label

Field Level Help


The conversion factor of the unit of measure on the item routing line to the Work Center service item’s base unit of measure item.


Additional information of the routing.

Extended Cost

Calculated as Quantity Per * Standard Cost.


Detailed instructions for the routing. 

Instructions will be printed on the Work Order Batch Report.

Line No.

Automatically populated by the system; line number for each entry is incremented by one.

Operation No.

This number defines the order of routing. Enteter manually starting from 10, then 20, 30.

Outside Service

Automatically populated from the Work Center Service Item. 

If checked, the routing is to be executed from an outside service for a Work Order.


The parent item.


The unit quantity of operation used to create one parent unit.

Routing Group

Used to group routing steps to calculate what components are needed to create replacements due to scraps.

Routing Version

Routing version of the item.


The setup time to execute this routing step.

Specific Cost

Select to use the specified Unit Cost for this item routing.

Standard Cost

Work Center Service Item's Standard Base Cost.

Unit Cost

Unit cost of the operation, which is used if you have selected Specific Cost.

Unit of Measure

Unit of measure of the Work Center Service Item for this operation.

Work Center

The Work Center Service Item used in this operation.

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