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Item Calculate Low Level


The Item Calculate Low-Level function will calculate the hierarchical levels of items based on Item Formulas. 

The function will update the Low-Level Code field on the Item card to be used in other functions of GoldFinch. Having the most updated Low-Level Code on the Item Card is critical when rolling up Item Costs, calculating Work Lines for Work Orders, and running the Supply Plan (MRP) function.


The Default Max Formula Level for GoldFinch is 5 levels. This can be changed in the Company Setup.

Item Calculate Low-Level Code Routine

The function is run from the Administration menu under the Inventory section.

Open the App Launcher. Search for Administration.

Click on Inventory to access the Item Calculate Low-Level Code routine.

After the Calculate Low-Level Code routine is run, all items that are not blocked should have a Low-Level Code assigned. The values could be 0, 1, 2, 3, etc.

If you see items with blank Low-Level Code, the Calculate Low-Level Code routine most likely encounters some errors. Check Apex Jobs for the errors.

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