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Inventory Transfers


Inventory Transfers are used to transfer inventory items between two different Warehouses, Units of Measure, or Lot No.  

Create a New Item Journal

Open the App Launcher. Search for Item Journals.

Click on New.

Select Inventory Transfer for the Record Type and click on Next.

Fill in the following fields:

  1. Enter the Transfer Posting Date.

  2. Enter the Transfer-from Warehouse.

  3. Enter the Transfer-from Bin.

  4. Enter the To Warehouse.

  5. Enter the To Bin.

  6. Select Add Transfer Lines to enter the item information.

  7. Enter the Item number to transfer.

  8. Enter the Unit of Measure to transfer.

  9. Enter the Quantity to transfer.

  10. If you will be breaking bulk at the time of transferring the item, enter the To Unit of Measure.

When complete, select Save.

Enter Lot Numbers for Lot Tracked Items

If the item(s) are lot tracked, select the red Enter Lots button.

Select Add Tracking Lines to enter Lot numbers and the quantity. You may enter New Lot(s) to reclassify Item Lot if needed. GoldFinch will maintain the inventory cost linkage and the item traceability between the two lots. 

Save the Item Journal Line.

Post the Item Journal

Click on Post to post the Item Journal.

Managing Item Costs on Transfer Journal

More Information

Inventory Cost for Transfer Journals and Transfer Orders

Reclassify Lot No.

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