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Installation and Configuration of Shopify


Install the required components to create a connection between GoldFinch and Shopify.

  • GoldFinch integration package must be installed in Salesforce

  • A private app for GoldFinch is required in Shopify

Contact a GoldFinch Implementation Specialist to perform the installation. It is recommended to provide the GoldFinch Specialist access to your Shopify account to execute this process.


The GoldFinch and Shopify integration requires technical configuration, which is done by the GoldFinch specialist who has administrative access to both Salesforce and Shopify. Shopify Integration impacts the following Salesforce settings:  

  • Salesforce Custom Settings

  • Certificate and Key Management 

  • Remote Site Settings

In the Custom Settings, define the customer to be used for all Shopify Orders. This Customer Account must be created in advance, and it must be named as Shopify Customer.

Currently, GoldFinch does not support the function to import all customers as Salesforce accounts.

Click the App Launcher and search for the Shopify tab after successfully completing installation and configuration.

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