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Import Sales Prices


This function is used to import Sales Prices into GoldFinch using the Standard Salesforce Import Wizard.  

Import Sales Prices Template

The Import Sales Prices Template will be used to import Sales Prices records. Sample data is available on the template for you to use as a guide.

Populate the template with the Sales Prices data that will be imported into GoldFinch.

Import Sales Price Template.xlsx

Both Starting Date and Ending Date are required fields. Enter 12/31/2099 as the Ending Date if the Price is perpetual.

On the template, populate the Unit of Measure field as follows:

  • Item Name + ;  + UOM Name

  • For example:

    • If Item = 7001 and Item UOM Name = EA, the Unit of Measure field should contain 7001;EA

  • Make sure the $ is removed from the Sales Price values.

Save the file as a CSV.

Import Using Salesforce Import Wizard

  • Open the App Launcher. Search for Sales Prices.

  • Clicking the Import button in the Sales Prices list will open the Import Data Wizard filtering on the Sales Prices object.

  • Click on the Sales Price object

  • Click Add new records

  • This will open a window to allow you to enter the following information

    • Account = Account Name

    • Currency Code = Currency Code Name

    • Item = Item Name

    • Item Unit of Measure = External ID (External ID)

  • Drag or upload the Import Sales Price template CSV file

  • Click Next.

  • Review the Field Mapping.

  • Leave the Item UOM Name as Unmapped

  • Click Next.

  • Click Start Import

  • Salesforce will load the Bulk Data Load Jobs page, which will show the current status of all records that are being imported in separate batch jobs.

  • After the batch job has been completed, the results will show whether the records were created or failed.

  • Review the View Result CSV file if any records failed.

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