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Import Sales Orders (table)

Used for Import Sales Orders routine.

Field Label

3PL Order No.

Billing City

Billing Company

Billing Country

Billing First Name

Billing Last Name

Billing Name

Billing Postal Code

Billing State

Billing Street



Contact Email

Contact Phone


Customer Name

Customer No.

Customer PO No.


E Commerce Customer Id

E Commerce Order Id

Error Text

Freight Cost

Id Alternate Shipping

Id Customer No.

Id Sales Invoice

Id Sales Order

Id Sales Quote

Id Sales Rep

Id Shipping Agent

Id Shipping Contact

Last Modified By

Old Order No.

Order Amount

Order Amt Incl. Tax

Order Date

Order Lines

Order Source


Requested Delivery Date

Requested Shipment Date

Return Order

Sales Order No.

Sales Rep

Ship to ID

Shipping Agent

Shipping City

Shipping Country

Shipping Name

Shipping Postal Code

Shipping State

Shipping Street


Transaction No.

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