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Import Accounts Receivable


The GoldFinch Import General Journal routine is used to upload and validate the raw CSV data so that the beginning Accounts Receivable can be correctly created in GoldFinch. 

This routine can also be used after going live to create straight Sales Invoices without inventory items.

Prepare Accounts Receivable Template

The Accounts Receivable template will be used to import the beginning Accounts Receivable. Sample data is available on the template for you to use as a guide.

Field help:

  • Document Date and Due Date should be the original Document Date and Due Date of the transaction for the AR Aging purpose.

  • Posting Date should be 1 day before the go-live date. For example, if you want to go live on 8/1/23, use 7/31/23 for your Accounts Receivable Posting Date.

  • GL Account is an offset account. Choose an expense GL Account that is not used frequently. Don’t create a new GL Account.

Amount help:

  • Make sure the total AR amount matches with the AR Aging report from your previous system.

  • Make sure the total AR amount matches with the beginning balance of the Accounts Receivable GL Account. If not, you must fix your beginning T/B.

  • Make sure the AR amounts by Customer are accurate.

  • Make sure the AR amounts by aging buckets are correct.

  • Make sure the Currency Factors between Amount and GL Amount are correct.

AR Import Template 090123.xlsx

Save the file as a CSV.

Import General Journal Template

  1. Open the App Launcher. Search for Import General Journals.

  2. From the Accounts Receivable View, select the Import CSV button.

  3. Select Choose File, then browse to select the file to be imported.

  4. Select Upload File.

The function will bring the data into the Import General Journal object.  

Process Records

Once the values have been imported, you can review and update the data before the AR-related transactions are created.

  • In the Accounts Receivable View, select the individual Import General Journal(s) that have been processed.

  • After selecting the records, click the Create Transactions button to process the data and to create Sales Invoices, Sales Credit Memos, or Customer Receipts.

    • If you are converting from Accounting Seed, click the Create CLE and VLE button to create Customer Ledger Entries for the Sales Invoices that already exist in GoldFinch to minimize duplicates.

  • After AR-related transactions have been successfully created, the Processed field on the Import General Journal records will be checked and set to true.

Error Resolution

If GoldFinch encounters any errors while creating a transaction from the Import General Journal records:

  • The Error will be populated into the Error Text field on the Import General Journal records.

  • Use the Error Text field to correct the Import General Journal records and resolve the errors.

  • Once all errors have been resolved, rerun the process by selecting the Import General Journal records and clicking the Create Transactions button.

Mass Delete

If necessary, multiple Import General Journal records may be deleted at the same time:

  • Select the individual Import General Journal record(s) that you would like to delete.

  • Click the Mass Delete button to delete the data.

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