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Import Accounts


This function is used to import Accounts into GoldFinch using the Standard Salesforce Import Wizard.  

Import Account Template

Before importing the Accounts, ensure you have set up the Default Warehouse, Default Currency, Default Payment Terms, and Default Tax Area on Company Setup.

Warehouse, Currency, Payment Terms, and Tax Area are required for transactions in GoldFinch ERP. If they are blank on Account, default values from Company Setup will be used.

Populate the Import Account Template with all your Accounts information.  This template will be used to import Customers and Vendors.  You can add additional fields to the template as needed.

Import Account Template 071822.xlsx

Save the file as a CSV.

Click here if you use Accounting Seed

If you have Accounting Seed, add Accounting Active, Accounting Type, and Default Expense GL Account to the mapping. Ignore the following Accounting Seed Payment Terms fields as they will be updated automatically by the GoldFinch Payment Term field:

  • Billing Terms Name

  • Billing Days Due

  • Billing Discount %

  • Billing Discount Days Due

  • Payable Days Due

  • Payable Discount %

  • Payable Discount Days Due

Import Using Salesforce Import Wizard

  1. Click on the App Launcher.

  2. Search for Accounts.

  3. Clicking the Import button in the Accounts list will open the Import Data Wizard filtering on the Accounts object.

  4. Choose Standard Objects, then Accounts and Contacts. You can Add new records, or Update existing records.

  5. Select Match by for any columns that contain Lookup fields to match by name, such as:

    1. Currency Code

    2. Payment Term

    3. Tax Area

    4. Warehouse

    5. For example:

  6. Upload the Import Account Template CSV file.

  7. Ensure mapping is correct by matching Objects with Column names.

  8. Review import information and click Start Import.

  1. Review Job Status and click View Result to view specific errors. You can then fix errors and try to import again.

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