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GoldFinch Number Options

Is there a way for me to customize the number of decimal places for fields such as Unit Price and Quantity?

Yes, there is! GoldFinch had to set 5 decimals for both Unit Price and Quantity fields in the managed package to accommodate the needs of industries such as healthcare products or food.

For some companies, having 5 decimals could be confusing. Unfortunately, with today’s Salesforce packaging technology, Number Options are locked in each client instance and cannot be changed.

If you wish to customize the number of decimal places for Unit Price and Quantity, you can follow these steps to work around the issue.

For fields that are for display only, you can create new formula fields to replace them.

For example, if you want to see 2 decimals for Qty. Base on Hand, and Inventory Value, you can create two formula fields.

Click Edit Object.

Click on Fields & Relationships on the left panel. Click on New to create a new custom field.

For Data type, choose Formula to create a new formula field.

Fill in the Field Label and Field Name. Choose Number for Formula Return Type.

Select the number of Decimal Places.

Enter a formula.

Update Page Layouts to replace the original fields with the new formula fields.

Contact the GoldFinch support desk if you would like to customize out-of-box GoldFinch Edit pages to display 2 decimals.

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