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Get Started with EDI Trading Partners

Execute the following steps to configure EDI in GoldFinch:

  1. Contact GoldFinch consultants for information on the manual web portal or automatic API options.

  2. If you choose the automatic API option, the following are done with the GoldFinch consultants:

    1. Installing and configuring GoldFinch EDI integration module to your instance.

    2. Working with your EDI Software Provider to establish API connectivity.

    3. Providing technical integration design documents to your EDI Software Provider; you can work with them to test sample EDI transactions before Go Live.

  3. For EDI 850/810/855/856, we will set up the following:

    1. Set up an Alternate Shipping record for every Ship-to address.

    2. Alternate Shipping - EDI Shipping ID (usually it is in the N104 segment)

    3. Alternate Shipping - Name (usually it is the ST ID)

    4. Cross-References for each trading partner and for each item that you trade with them.

  4. For EDI 940/945/944/945, we will set up the following:

    1. These documents can be used for non-EDI orders.

    2. Set up an Alternate Shipping record for every Ship-to address.

    3. 3PL Warehouse DUNS. If there is no DUNS, we will use the Warehouse Postal Code.

    4. Each of the 3PL Warehouses could have different requirements. 

If you have already installed and configured the EDI integration module in GoldFinch and you have a new trading partner:

  1. Contact your EDI Software Provider to configure their connectivity with your trading partner.

  2. Set up Account, Alternate Shipping, and Cross-References for the trading partner in GoldFinch. 

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