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Get Receipt Lines


When a vendor sends an invoice for multiple Warehouse Receipts from multiple Purchase Orders, you can use the Get Receipt Lines function on the Purchase Invoice to combine these Warehouse Receipts into one Purchase Invoice in GoldFinch. 

Create a Purchase Invoice

Make sure all Warehouse Receipts are posted before you create a new Purchase Invoice.

Get Receipt Lines

To add already posted but not invoiced Warehouse Receipt Lines onto the Purchase Invoice, select Get Receipt Lines.

  1. You can filter the list of Warehouse Receipts by using the Field to Filter drop-down list.

  2. Use the checkbox to check any records you want to add to the invoice in the Select to Add field.

  3. Once the lines have been selected, click Add Lines. Those lines will then be added to the Selected Whse Receipt Lines section of the page.

  1. The Qty. to Invoice and Unit Cost fields can be modified as needed.

  2. If you want to remove any line from this section, select the line by putting a check in the Select to Remove field.

  3. Once the lines have been selected, click Remove Lines.  This will move the lines back to the To Select Whse Receipt Lines section.

  4. Once you have confirmed which lines to add to the purchase invoice, click Save. This will add these lines to the purchase invoice.

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