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Explode BOM


On a Sales Order, your business may encounter scenarios where you would like to sell and price by a Parent Item but fulfill the order by shipping Component Items. GoldFinch’s Explode BOM feature allows you to add Sales Lines for a Parent Item while allocating and shipping out Component Items.

Setup Explode BOM

  • For the Component Items:

    • Purchase Orders for Component Items can be created automatically with a Requisition.

    • To do this, the Component Item’s Purchasing Type field must be set to Special Order.

Steps to use Explode BOM

After a Sales Order is created, click Explode BOM button on the Sales Order page.

  • Components for each of the parent items are grouped and inserted into the Sales Order.

  • The Item Type of the Parent Items is changed from Inventory to Service.

If you wish not to explode any of the parent items due to available inventory, you can change the Replenishment System to Purchase on the sales lines before you click the Explode BOM button.

After exploding BOMs, you can delete components, or add additional components under each of the parent items. You should update the Line Type to Components for the new sales lines.

  • Item Allocation records are automatically created.

    • This will result in Inventory being allocated to the Sales Lines for the Component Items.

    • To prevent automatic allocation for this specific Sales Order, the Do Not Allocate field can be set to True.

    • Automatic allocation can also be prevented either by Sell-to Customer or Company-Wide.

  • If there is not enough inventory to complete the Sales Order Allocation, a Requisition Order record can be created to generate Purchase Orders.

  • Once you receive the Purchase Order, GoldFinch will allocate inventory back to the linked Sales Order.

  • Create Whse. Shipment to ship Component Items. Parent Items will not be added to the Warehouse Shipment.

  • Finally, create a Sales Invoice. The Sales Invoice will charge your Customers for the Sales Lines with Parent Items as Service Items.  All Sales Lines for Component Items will be invoiced at $0.

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