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Enter Production Output for a Batch Manufactured Item


The way that output is handled depends on whether the output item is Batch Manufactured or Discrete Manufactured.  Remember that one of the main differences in Batch Manufacturing is that a batch often yields more or less than the expected output.  For example, a 100 GALLON Batch may yield 99 Gallons or 101 Gallons.  You can control this by using the Output Tolerance % on the Item setup.  

Enter Output for a Batch Manufactured Item

  1. Edit the Production Journal.

  2. The only time you will edit the Output Quantity is if you are posting one batch at a time. For example, if your Work Order is for 10 Batches, your Production Journal will be for 10 Batches. If you wish to post one batch (or less than the total) at a time, you will update the Output Quantity to the number of batches you are recording.

  3. Click on Output Tracking Lines. Click on Add Tracking Lines for lot-tracked output items.

Understanding Output Tracking

Again, you will see some differences between Discrete and Batch Manufactured Items. For Discrete items, the Unit of Measure in the Output Tracking Lines will be the same as Unit of Measure of the Work Order.  However, for Batch Manufactured Items, the Unit of Measure on the Output Tracking Lines will NOT be the same as the Unit of Measure on the Work Order.

In the image below, you can see the following:

  1. The Work Order Unit of Measure is a Batch. In this setup, each Batch is equal to 100 lbs of the Chocolate Batch item.

  2. The Unit of Measure on the Output Tracking Lines is in LBs. To account for variations in the amount of chocolate batch produced, you can change the quantity here. For example, there could be 499 lbs produced for a Work Order of 5 batches. We would then enter 499 lbs in the Output Tracking Lines.

This is how you account for the various yield levels of each batch.

Enter Output Tracking Lines

Enter these fields:

  1. Enter Lot No(s) and verify the Unit of Measure.

  2. Enter the Quantity for each Lot No.

  3. Enter the Lot Manufacture Date(s). (Defaulted to today’s date)

  4. Enter the Lot Expiration Date(s). (Defaulted to today’s date + Lot Days to Expire field on Item setup)

  5. Select a Country of Origin. (This is optional)

  6. Save the Production Journal.

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