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Enter Production Output


After creating a Production Item Journal from the Work Order, you can enter the Production Output of the manufactured item by editing the Output Quantity.

If you are entering production output for a Batch Manufactured item, go to this page Enter Production Output for a Batch Manufactured Item.

Enter the Output

  1. Edit the Production Journal.

  2. Change the Output Quantity if needed.

  3. Make sure the Output Warehouse and Output Bin are correct.

  4. If you have lot-tracked output items, click on Output Tracking Lines. Click on Add Tracking Lines to add Lot Numbers.

It is possible to report an Output Quantity that is greater than the Work Order Quantity, by updating PO Qty. Tolerance % for the output item.

If you receive the finished goods in your own warehouse, but consume the raw materials in your co-packer’s warehouse, you should use the co-packer’s warehouse on the Work Order, then change the Output Warehouse on the Production Journal to be your own warehouse, in order to eliminate the Transfer Order step.

Enter Output Tracking Lines

Enter these fields:

  1. Enter Lot No(s) and verify the Unit of Measure.

  2. Enter the Quantity for each Lot No.

  3. Enter the Lot Manufacture Date(s). (Defaulted to today’s date)

  4. Enter the Lot Expiration Date(s). (Defaulted to today’s date + Lot Days to Expire field on Item setup)

  5. Select a Country of Origin. (This is optional)

  6. Save the Production Journal.

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