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Disassembly Order


If you have a situation where you purchase an item from a vendor and then immediately break out that item into multiple sellable items, this can be automatically accomplished using the 'Disassemble When Receive' function in GoldFinch. Using this function will allow you to automatically perform the 2 steps of receiving the item ordered from the vendor and breaking that item into sellable items in 1 step.

You will be able to define the items that will be received into inventory as well as allocate the cost from the vendor across these items in the setup. 



On the purchased Item, put a check in the Disassemble When Receive field.  This will signify that a Production Item Journal will automatically be created and posted when this item is received from a purchase order on a warehouse receipt.

Item Formula

Enter the items that will be entered into inventory when the purchased item is received from a purchase order and disassembled. 

For each item included in the item formula, enter a percentage in the Cost Allocation % field.  This will define the percentage of the cost of the purchased item that will allocate to each formula item.  The total percentage for all formula items must equal 100%.

Whse Receipt

When posting a warehouse receipt for an item flagged for Disassembly When Receive, a Production Item Journal will be created automatically to disassemble the purchased parent item and break out the components.

When the warehouse receipt is posted, the parent item inventory quantity on hand is increased.  An Item Journal will also be created to disassemble the parent item.

Item Journal

A Production Item Journal will be created and will need to be posted by the user.  The Journal will have the linked Whse Receipt and Whse Receipt Lines associated with the journal.  The Total Cost Allocation % must equal 100%.  The Journal will be marked as a Disassembly Order.

When the Item journal is posted, a Consumption line will be posted for the parent item to reduce the inventory quantity on hand and Output entries will be posted for the component items to increase the quantities on hand.  The cost of the parent item is allocated to the components based on the Cost Allocation % defined on the Item Formula setup. 

Unpost the Whse Receipt

If you find you need to unpost the warehouse receipt, the Production Item Journal must be unposted and deleted first, then you will be able to unpost the warehouse receipt.

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