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Daily Production and Back Flush Raw Materials

This article is for manufacturing companies that require to quickly post the Finished Goods output and prefer to post the Raw Material consumption at the end of a day. Contact a GoldFinch consultant before you decide to have this feature.

Optimal Configurations

  • Company Setup

    • Default Output Qty to 1 for Batch WO = false
      This allows the System to create one Production Journal per Work Order for all batches to minimize the data entry.

  • Item Card

    • Finished Good Items - Flushing Method = Backward
      This allows the continuous posting of output without posting consumption.  

    • Batch Items -  Flushing Method = Manual
      This allows the posting of batch output and raw materials together using data from a Scale system, or are entered manually.

    • Populate Qty Per Pallet -  Default Case Qty. per Pallet for Finished Goods items.

  • Warehouse Setup

    • Batch Input Bin, Batch Output Bin, and Input Bin for Finished Goods should have the same INPUT bin.

    • Output Bin for Finished Goods should be a Pick Bin to minimize movements.

  • Work Order List

    • Add a Finished Good view (Document Status = Released, Batch Manufacturing = false)

    • Add Batch Items view (Document Status = Released, Batch Manufacturing = true)

    • Add Finished view (Document Status = Finished)


End of Previous Day

  • Execute Planning and enter Work Orders for Batch items and Finished Good items for the next day.

  • On the Work Order list, select work orders and print the Replenishment report.

  • Use the Breakbulk Warehouse Activity to move and break the required inventory to the Input Bin specified in the Warehouse Setup. 

From the Work Order list, select the Send to Scale checkbox for Batch Work Orders; this allows the external Scale system to retrieve the details.

Current Day

  • During the day, use the Finished Goods view to work on Finished Goods Work Orders.

  • Click Daily Production.

  • Add Lines for each pallet.

  • Post the Pallet Output for one or multiple pallets.

End of Day

  • Complete the Batch Work Orders.

    • Use the Batch Work Orders view. 

    • For each Work Order, check the Scan Lines table to ensure completeness of data. The Scale system must sent the Batch Output and Raw Material consumption with Lot No., to GoldFinch every 5 minutes.

    • On the Batch Work Order, click Process Scale Scans.  

      • Process Scans to Create a Production Journal; the system creates one Production Journal for all batches.

      • View the Production Journal to verify the following.

        • Are all batches received?

        • Is the Lot No. for Mix items and Raw Materials items correct?

        • Fix data where required.

        • Post the Production Journal.

      • If Scan Lines are missing, click Create Prod. Journal to manually create a Production Journal, and enter the Batch Qty., Batch Lot No, Raw Material Qty., and Raw Material Lot No.; post after providing this data.

      • Finish Work Order.

    • Continue to finish all other Batch Work Orders.

  • Complete the Finished Goods Work Orders.

    • On the Finished Goods Work Orders, confirm if you have posted all Pallet outputs.

    • Back Flush All Ingredients. Ingredients with Lot Numbers are consumed FIFO from the INPUT bin.

    • A Back Flush Item Journal is created.

    • Update the Lot Tracking information as required, especially when there are ingredients leftover from the previous day's production.

    • Post the Item Journal.

    • Click Work Order on the Production Journal to view the Work Order to Finish the Work Order.

    • Continue to Finish all other Finished Work Orders, and prepare for future work orders.

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