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Daily Adjust Cost Routine


The Adjust Cost Routine must be executed for the following reasons: 

  1. To finalize costs for the output items from finished Work Orders and posted Kit BOM journals.

  2. To update outbound inventory costs due to the "timing difference" that may occur when an inventory layer is sold either before the final purchase invoice is posted or before the work order is finished and costing is finalized.

  3. To update Warehouse Shipment Line costs and Sales Invoice Line costs for accurate sales profitability reporting.

  4. To update the Average Base Unit Cost on the Item Card.

This routine uses the Posting Date of the Item Ledger Entries to be the Posting Date of the Cost Adjustment Entries and the General Ledger Entries. 

If the Posting Date is prior to the date defined in the Allow Posting From field in the Company Setup, this routine will use the Allow Posting From Date as the Posting Date. 

To have General Ledger Entries for the Cost Adjustments posted to the correct financial month, it is important to change the dates in the Allow Posting From and the Allow Posting To fields in the Company Setup to the new month after closing the previous month.

Update the date defined in the Allow Posting From and Allowed Posting To fields for users who require to post GL Entries in the previous month. Read Setup Users for more information.

Scheduling the Adjust Cost Routine

Schedule the Adjust Cost Routine using the Apex Class BatchILECostAdjustment. The routine must be scheduled to be executed every night.

To schedule the routine, execute the following steps:

  1. Select Setup.

  2. Search for Apex Classes in Quick Find.

  3. Select Apex Classes.

  4. Click Schedule Apex.

  5. Enter Daily Adjust Cost in Job Name, and select BatchILECostAdjusment in Apex Class.

  6. Define the job to be executed every day; provide the end date as a future date.

Before you close a month, you must navigate to Item Ledger Entries, then click Pending Cost Adjustment to make sure there are no entries there. If you see entries, you must execute the Adjust Cost Routine manually (see below) and fix errors. Submit a support ticket if you need help.

Executing the Adjust Cost Routine Manually

The Adjust Cost Routine can be manually executed. 

In Administration, select Inventory > Run Manual Adjust Cost Routine.

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