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Cross References


Item Cross References can be set up to define an additional item number used by a customer or a vendor when ordering an item.  The Cross Reference No. is frequently used to define Customer Item No. for EDI 850.

Create New Cross References

Open the App Launcher. Search for Cross References.

Click on the New button to enter a new Cross Reference.

Field Definitions

Field Label

Field Level Help


The Account (vendor or customer) for this Cross Reference.

Cross Reference No.

The Item No. used by the Account for this item.

Cross Item Description

The Item Description used by the Account for this item.

Default Sales UOM for Customer

If checked, the UOM defined will be the default when this item is ordered by this customer.


The Item for this Cross Reference.

Unit of Measure

The UOM for this Cross Reference.

If each Alternating Shipping address of an EDI Customer requires a different Cross Reference No, you will need to set up a sell-to Account for each Alternating Shipping address. The new sell-to account should have one Alternate Shipping address where you can define EDI Shipping Id.

If you prefer to consolidate AR under one billing account, you can create another account with billing address. Then, populate it to the Alternate Billing field on the sell-to accounts.

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