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Creating Routing Instructions


Routings are the list of instructions used to produce a manufactured item. You can define the stages in which various components are consumed, account for capacity/labor costs, and indicate where co-packing services are used. 

Routings are optional for Manufacturing. 

Routing Versions

If you require multiple routing versions, configure a Routing Version and associate it with Item Routings. You can create a new Routing Version from the Item Page. 

Routing Versions are also optional for Manufacturing.

Item Routings 

Item Routings can be used with or without a Routing Version. You can create Item Routings from the Routing Version Page or from the Item Page. 

At a minimu, you must enter these fields, Parent, Operation No (entered manually, starting from 10, then 20, 30, etc.), Work Center, Per, and Unit of Measure.

Routing lines appear in the Work Order Lines when you add a Parent Item as Output Item on a Work Order. See additional processing steps in the Work Order Process section for more details.

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