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Creating Item Formulas (BOMs)


Formulas define the components used to create a manufactured item, also known as the Parent Item. You can do the configuration based on your manufacturing requirements. 

If you don’t need Batch Manufacturing, you can follow Rename Item Formulas to BOM to rename Item Formulas to BOMs.

Item Formulas

Item Formulas are the components that are used to create the parent item.

One Item Formula is defined for each component used to create a parent item. You can create Item Formulas directly from the parent item or from the Formula Version.  

At a minimum, you need to enter Component, Unit of Measure, and Per for each component.

Other fields are optional.

Formula Unit of Measure Consideration

You can define a Unit of Measure for your formula. For example, you may have a manufactured item that comes in both EACH and CASE. 

The Formula for a Standard Manufactured Item is based on the Base Unit of Measure for the Item. It is recommended to consider making your Base Unit of Measure for Manufactured Finished Goods as the Unit of Measure that you sell most often, such as Case or Bag. This helps you to easily define the packaging used for each formula.  It also helps with your forecasting and supply planning.

Read this page for additional information on Batch Manufactured Items:

Creating Formula Versions and Item Formulas for Batch Manufactured Items

Phantom BOM Consideration

Read Phantom BOMs for details.

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