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Creating a Vendor Refund


Once in a while, you might need to post a vendor refund and apply it to an overpayment, or a credit memos.

Create a Negative Vendor Payment

  1. Enter the Vendor that you want to issue the refund to.

  2. Enter a Document No.

  3. Enter the Amount of the payment. The amount should be negative.

  4. Enter the Document Date of the payment.

  5. Update the Bank Account.

  6. Update the Payment Method to Manual Check.

  7. Update the Payment Type to Vendor Refund.


Once the Vendor Payment information has been entered, Save and Post the negative payment.

  • If the refund is for an overpayment, apply it to the Vendor Payment that has the remaining balance.

  • If the refund is for a return or a credit memo, apply it to the related purchase credit memo.

Applying Vendor Payments

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