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Create Receiving Pallets and Put-away Pallets


If you receive goods in pallets, you can create pallets during the receiving, print pallet labels, and then putaway in pallets.

Creating a Pallet

On a Whse Receipt, click Create Pallets to create pallets.

This opens a page listing all items on the warehouse receipts.

After creating a Warehouse Receipt, update the quantity on the Whse Receipt Lines and enter Item Lots for all lot-tracked items.

Note: You must enter all lots for lot-tracked items first before you try to create pallet. Otherwise, you will receive the below error.


Enter Quantity to Pack for items and lots, and then click Quick Save to create pallets.

Repeat the process until you finish creating all pallets.

Editing Pallets

To adjust quantities of items and lots of any pallet, click Create Pallets again on the Whse Receipt. You will see a list of pallets created for the Whse Receipt.

Select any pallet. You can delete items and lots from the pallet, or you can add items and lots to the pallet. 

To ensure the system integrity, GoldFinch only allows you to use the Create Pallet button to create new pallets, or edit pallet lines. You cannot perform these actions from the pallet list or pallet page.

Posting Whse Receipts

When posting a Whse Receipt, GoldFinch checks the following condition:

  • Creating Pallets is an optional step of Whse Receiving. If you do create a pallet for the Whse Receipt, then you must create pallets for all items.

Create Put-away

If the Warehouse is set up for Put-away activities, you can click the Create Put-away button after the Whse Receipt is posted.


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