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Create Receiving Pallets


Managing warehouse inventory in pallets could increase efficiency. You can manually create pallets while receiving inventory.

Creating a Pallet

After creating the Warehouse Receipt, update the Quantity on the Whse Receipt Lines and enter Item Lots for lot-tracked items. Then click Create Pallets. This opens a page listing all items on the warehouse receipts.

If the Create Pallets button is not available, ask your System Administrator to add the button to the page layout.

Select the item(s) and enter the Quantity to Pack for each item for the Pallet, and then click Save.

If you click Save, you can click the Create Pallet button again on the Warehouse Receipt to create a new pallet.

Clicking Quick Save will allow you to create a new pallet without leaving the screen.  

Editing a Pallet

To adjust any pallet in the receipt, click Create Pallets on the Whse Receipt. The list of existing pallets created for the receipt appears, where you can delete items and then add items with proper quantities to the pallet. 

Create Put-away

If the Warehouse is set up for Put-away activities, you can click the Create Put-away button after you create all pallets and post the Whse Receipt.

Note: All items on the receipt must be assigned to a pallet before you can create Put-away.  If you have not assigned ALL items on the shipment to a pallet, you will receive an error message while trying to create the Put-away. The error message will include the items that are not packed yet.

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