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Create Put-away


Depending on the Warehouse setup, Put-away documents may be needed to move inventory from the Receive bin to other picking or storage bins.

You can also use the Put-away documents to breakbulk the Purchase Units of Measure to the Sales Units of Measure automatically.

Using a Receive Bin

Set up a Receive bin with Bin Type = Receive. By default, inventory in the bins with Bin Type = Receive can only be used for the receiving purpose. Inventory in the Receive bin must be put away to other picking bins to be available for picking. You cannot create a pick directly from the Receive bin.

Benefits of having a Receive bin:

  • Enforce pickers to pick from older inventory, instead of picking directly from the newly received inventory.

  • Prevent pickers from breaking down pallets in the Receive bin and creating operation inefficiencies.


Assign the Put-away Bin

If the Purchase Order is a Special Order, GoldFinch will use the Cross-Dock bin defined on the Warehouse as the put-away bin.

If the Purchase Order is not a Special Order, GoldFinch will use the first bin set up for the Warehouse with the Default Put-away field checked as the put-away bin.


The put-away bin will be overwritten by the Default Bin field on the Item page if the:

  • Default Warehouse on the item page is the same as the Warehouse on the Whse Receipt

  • Default Bin on the item page is not blank


If you prefer to always enter the put-away bins manually, check the Default Blank for Put-away Bin field on the Warehouse to blank out put-away bins.


Put-away Unit of Measure

The put-away Unit of Measure defaults to the Purchase Unit of Measure defined on the Purchase Line. If you want to default to the Sales Unit of Measure and calculate conversions automatically, navigate to the Company Setup page and then check the Default Putaway to Sales Unit of Measure field.


Create Put-aways without Lines

When creating put-away documents, you have the option of just creating a Put-away header without lines. You can then manually enter or import put-away lines.


Auto Create Put-aways

If you want to automatically create a put-away document after you post a Whse Receipt, check the Auto Create Putaway field on the Warehouse.


Bypass the Receive Bin

To bypass the put-away step, enter a pick bin with Bin Type = Pick in the Receive Bin field on the Warehouse.

With this setup, you will not be required to create a put-away document after you post the Whse Receipt to move inventory from the Receive bin to other pick bins or storage bins. However, you still have the option of manually/automatically creating put-away documents to convert Purchase Units of Measure to Sales Units of Measure.


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