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Create Shipment Pallets and Print Pallet Packing Slip


While shipping goods out, if you are required to provide a packing list on each pallet that lists the items in the pallet, you can use the Pallet Packing List functionality.

Creating Pallets

After creating the Warehouse Shipment, click Create Pallets. This opens a page listing all items on the warehouse shipment that have not yet been added to a pallet packing list.

Select Item(s) and enter the Quantity to Pack for each item on the Pallet, and then click Save to save the changes.

If you click Save, you can click Create Pallet again on the Warehouse Shipment to create a new pallet for the shipment.

Clicking Quick Save will allow you to create a new pallet without leaving the screen.  

Editing Pallets

To adjust any pallet in the shipment, click Create Pallet on the warehouse shipment. The list of existing pallets created for the shipment appears, where you can delete items and then add items with proper quantities to the pallet. 

Printing Pallet Packing Slips

After defining all pallets for the shipment, you can print the pallet packing list. Click Pallet Packing Slip on the warehouse shipment. 

Note: All items on the shipment must be assigned to a pallet before any pallet packing lists can be printed.  If you have not assigned ALL items on the shipment to a pallet, you will receive an error message while trying to print the Pallet Packing List. The error message will include the items that are not packed.

One packing list document is printed for each pallet created from the shipment.

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