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Create and Post a Warehouse Shipment


When a Sales Order is ready to be processed in the warehouse, create a Warehouse Shipment for the warehouse staff to pick, pack and ship goods to the customer.

Creating a Warehouse Shipment

Click Create Shipment to create a Warehouse Shipment from the Sales Order. The Warehouse Shipment is created based on the Items currently allocated to the sales order.

Edit the Warehouse Shipment

Click the Edit button on the Whse Shipment to update details such as the Shipping Agent, Actual Shipment Date, and Quantity to ship.

Delete the Whse Shipment Line from the Whse Shipment if an item is not shipped.

If you add more items, or increase order quantity on the Sales Line, you can click Update Shipment button on the Sales Order to update the open Whse Shipment.

Assigning Lot Numbers

If both Bypass Pick and Populate Lots when Create Shipment fields are checked on the Warehouse of the Whse Shipment, GoldFinch will automatically assign Lot Number on a FEFO (First Expiration First Out) basis if the items on the shipment are lot tracked. 

If Bypass Pick is not checked on the Warehouse, you must create a Pick Ticket to pick inventory with lot numbers from warehouse bins.

If Bypass Pick is checked, and Populate Lots when Create Shipment is not checked, you have to manually enter lot numbers to the Whse Shipment before you can post.

You can see if lot numbers have been assigned to the Items by the color of the Enter Lots button. If this button is green, Lots have been assigned to the full quantity. If this button is red, Lots need to be assigned to the item.

Click on the Enter Lot button to enter Lot No. for that specific item.

You may also click on Enter Shipping Lots if you want to enter Lot No. for multiple Lot tracked items at once.

Click on Add Tracking Lines.   

Enter Lot No(s) and the Quantity for each Lot No.

Save the Warehouse Receipt.

Posting the Warehouse Shipment

The Enter Lot button should be green. Click the Post button to post the Warehouse Shipment after completing the required adjustments for the shipment.

Posting the shipment will reduce the inventory quantity on hand for the items.  

Mass Create Whse. Shipments

GoldFinch allows you to create shipments of sales orders in bulk to avoid creating shipments for sales orders individually.

You can create a Warehouse Shipment for any sales order that has an allocation where the Warehouse Shipment is not created.

  1. From the Sales Order list, select Create Shipments Select the Sales Orders you would like to create shipments for.

  2. Select the Mass Create Shipments button.

Document Status

  • Open

  • Posted: This is the final Document Status for a Transfer Order Whse Shipment.

  • Partially Invoiced

  • Fully Invoiced: This is the final Document Status for a Sales Order Whse Shipment.

More Information

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