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Create and Post a Warehouse Receipt


Depending on the agreements you have with your Vendor, you may receive one or multiple receipts against each PO.  In GoldFinch, you can create as many receipts as you need against a Purchase Order.  To create a Warehouse Receipt, go to the Purchase Order page. 

Create a Warehouse Receipt

When the goods have been received in your facility, create the Warehouse Receipt from the Purchase Order. Click on Create Receipt.

Edit the Warehouse Receipt 

If you need to receive a partial delivery, simply edit the Warehouse Receipt and update the Warehouse Receipt Lines to reflect the inventory received.  

Lot Number Assignment

If items on the receipt are lot tracked, GoldFinch will show the items in the Enter Lots section of the Purchase Order.

You can see if lot numbers have been assigned to the Items by the color of the Enter Lots button. If the button is green, Lots have been assigned to the full quantity.  If the button is red, Lots still need to be assigned to the item.

Click on the Enter Lot button to enter Lot No. for that specific item.

You may also click on Enter Receiving Lots if you want to enter Lot No. for multiple Lot tracked items at once.

Click on Add Tracking Lines.

Enter Lot No(s) and the Quantity for each Lot No.

Enter the Lot Manufacture Date(s) and the Lot Expiration Date(s).

Save the Warehouse Receipt.

Post the Warehouse Receipt

The Enter Lot button should be green. Click the Post button to post the Warehouse Receipt.

Posting the Warehouse Receipt will increase the inventory quantity on hand.

Document Status

  • Open

  • Posted: This is the final Document Status for a Transfer Order Whse Receipt.

  • Partially Invoiced

  • Fully Invoiced: This is the final Document Status for a Purchase Order Whse Receipt.

Receiving Service Items

It is possible to receive service items. Navigating to Custom Settings\System Settings. Then, create a new parameter: AllowToReceiveServiceItems, with the Value = True.

More Information

Multiple Open Whse Receipts for One Purchase Order

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