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Create and Post a Transfer Receipt


When the goods arrive at the destination warehouse, you can create a Whse Receipt to receive the goods.

Create a Warehouse Receipt

When the goods have arrived at the Transfer-To Warehouse, create and Post a Warehouse Receipt to move the inventory from the In-Transit Warehouse to the Transfer-to Warehouse

Go back to Transfer Orders. The Document Status of the Transfer Order must be All Shipped before the Warehouse Receipt can be created.

Select the Create Receipt button. 

A standard Warehouse Receipt will be created where the Lot Numbers will automatically be assigned with the lot numbers from the warehouse shipment if the items are lot tracked.

Edit the quantities as needed.

When the Warehouse Receipt is ready to be posted, Post the Receipt.

You can post multiple Whse Receipts per Transfer Order.

Posting the receipt will create Warehouse Receipt entries that will move the inventory out of the In-Transit Warehouse and into the Transfer-To warehouse.

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