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Process Sales Quotes


Before a Sales Order is created, a Sales Quote can be created.  The sales quote can be created and sent to a prospective customer without allocating any inventory to the quote.  If the quote is accepted it can then be converted into a Sales Order.  

Create a Sales Quote

Open the App Launcher. Search for Sales Quotes.

Click on the New button.

  1. Enter the Customer's Information 

    • Once the Sell-to Customer is entered on the Sales Quote, the default billing and shipping information for the customer will automatically be entered on the quote.  This information can be changed for this quote if needed. 

  2. Enter the Line Information by first selecting the Add Lines button

    • Enter the Item, Unit of Measure, and Quantity for each line of the quote.

    • GoldFinch will populate the Unit Price and Line Discounts based on the Customer, Quote Date, Item, Item Category, Unit of Measure, and Quantity.  Read Sales Prices and Sales Discounts for more information. 

    • The user can override both the Unit Price and Discount fields if needed.

  3. When complete, select Save.

Click on the Print Quote button to print the sales quote document.  You can save the document as PDF and attach it to your email to send to prospects.

Convert a Quote to an Order

Click on the Convert Quote button to convert a quote to an order. 

You can keep the sales quote pricing or recalculate the prices based on the Order Date when the sales order is created.

Enter the Customer’s PO No.

GoldFinch will check a few conditions before converting the quote to an order.

  • There is no existing Sales Order converted already from the quote.

  • If the Credit Limit is not 0 on the Customer Account, GoldFinch will evaluate Order On Hold conditions. Read Put Sales Orders On Hold for more information.

When the order is created, the Allocations will also be created if the customer and item are set up to allocate automatically.                    

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