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Create and Post a Sales Invoice


After creating a Sales Order, a Sales Invoice can be created to let the customer know the payment details of the purchase they made.

Create Sales Invoice

Click the Create Invoice button from the Warehouse Shipment.  You can also create an invoice from Sales Order.

Unit Prices are copied from the Sales Order, regardless what the new sales price entries are set up in the Sales Prices table.

Read BOL No. and SCAC Errors if you encounter BOL No. or SCAC errors.

For EDI Sales Orders, you must create Sales Invoices from Whse. Shipments.

An unposted Sales Invoice document will be created, copying the data from the Warehouse Shipment header.  You can add any additional charges to the invoice by clicking on Edit and entering a service item on a new line. 

ReadPost to GL Accounts Directly on Purchase Invoices or Sales Invoices if you prefer to post to GL Accounts directly.

Post the Sales Invoice.

Enter the Invoice Information

  • Enter the Posting Date for the invoice

  • If you want the Invoice Date to be the same date as the Posting Date, put a check in the Use Posting Date for Invoice Date field.

You can default this field by checking Use Posting Date for Sales Invoice Date on the Company Setup.

  • Post the Sales Invoice

The Posting Date is the date used for the GL posting; the Invoice Date is the date used for the AR aging purpose.

Email Sales Invoice

Read Electronic Document Management for more information.                                            

More Information

How to Edit PDFs such as Sales Orders, Sales Invoice, Purchase Order, and Packing List documents?

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