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Create a Purchase Return

Create a Purchase Return Order

  1. Enter the Vendor's Information

  2. Enter the Item Information

  3. Enter the Quantity as a Negative number as this transaction will be removing inventory from stock

  4. Check the Return Order field

  5. When complete, select Save

Create the Warehouse Receipt

  1. Create the Warehouse Receipt from the Return Purchase Order.  The Bin will default to the Return Bin.

  1. The Inventory must be moved into the Return bin before the Return receipt can be posted. Refer to Movement in a warehouse to move inventory.

Enter Lot Numbers for Lot Tracked Items

  1. Edit the related warehouse receipt line requiring Lot Number tracking.

  1. Select

Add Tracking Lines

  1. Enter the

Lot No(s) being returned to the vendor

  1. Enter the

Quantity for each lot number.

Save the Tracking Lines.

Post the Warehouse Receipt

Create a Credit Memo

From the Warehouse Shipment, select Create Invoice to create a Credit Memo as a negative invoice amount.

Post the Credit Memo

Enter the Credit Memo Information

  1. Enter the Vendor Cr. Memo No.  This field is mandatory and cannot be a duplicate of a Vendor Cr. Memo No. already posted for this Vendor.

  2. Enter the Credit Memo Posting Date 

  3. Post the Purchase Credit Memo

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