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Create and Post a Purchase Invoice


Depending on your agreements with your Vendor, you may have one or multiple receipts against a Purchase Order.

Note: You can create Purchase Invoices from the Posted Warehouse Receipt or the Purchase Order, depending on how your Vendor invoices you.

Create the Purchase Invoice

After posting the Warehouse Receipt, create the Purchase Invoice from the Warehouse Receipt by clicking on Create Invoice.

If any costs need to be updated, Edit the Purchase Invoice before posting to update costs. Enter additional Service Item (such as Freight, Expedited Fee, etc) costs using 1 as Quantity, and Unit Cost as the total service cost.

It is possible to invoice more than the Purchase Order Quantity for service items, by updating PO Qty. Tolerance % for them.

ReadPost to GL Accounts Directly on Purchase Invoices or Sales Invoices if you prefer to post to GL Accounts directly.

Post the Purchase Invoice.

Enter the Invoice Information

  • Enter the Vendor Invoice No.  This field is mandatory and cannot be a duplicate of another Vendor Invoice No. already posted for this Vendor.

  • Enter the Invoice Posting Date.

  • Post the Purchase Invoice.

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