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Create a New Inventory Item


You can create new inventory items manually, by cloning, or by using the Import Item routine.

Create an Inventory Item

Open the App Launcher. Search for Items.

Click New to create a new item.

When creating an Inventory Item:

  • Item No. must be unique.

  • Select a Base Unit of Measure.

  • Select Inventory in the Item Type field. 

  • Enter Description.

Then click the Save button.

Inventory Items normally do not require an Accounting Posting Setup record. They will use a company-wide Account Posting Setup. To learn more about this function, please review the Account Posting Setup document.

You should avoid turning on both Lot Tracking and Serial Tracking for the same item.

Inventory Costing and Posting

Inventory Costing and Posting

Cloning an Item

You can create a new item by cloning one of the existing items. Read 8) Setup Items for more details.

Import Item Routine

Follow the instructions on this page Import Items to import items.

Barcode Printing

Code 128 is preferred, instead of Code 39.

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