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Close a Sales Order


For a Sales Order where a partial shipment has been processed and where the remainder of the order has not shipped, you have the ability to Close this Sales Order to remove it from the Open Order list. 

This function will mark the order as closed and you will not have the ability to make any additional changes to the closed order.

Close a Sales Order

Open the App Launcher. Search for Sales Orders.

You can close a Sales Order if it meets the following requirement:

  • Open Warehouse Shipments must be posted or deleted.

  • Closed Sales Orders will not be included in the demand planning as part of the demand.

Open the Sales Order and select the Close button.

The Closed field on the Sales Order will be checked, and the Document Status will change to Completed.

Any remaining allocations will be automatically deleted for the Sales Order.

Reopen a Sales Order

You can reopen a Sales Order that is closed. Open the Sales Order, and click Reopen button.

The selection on the Closed checkbox will be removed on the Sales Order and the Document Status to return to its original state.  You must allocate the order again before you can create a Whse. Shipment for the order.

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